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Uses for Custom T Shirts:T-Shirts for Groups, School, Organizations or Business. 
There are several reasons to invest in logo T-Shirts. In addition to wanting to share your company name and logo, it is a wonderful way to give back to your customers. It will add additional income by selling your shirts.Youth groups love wearing logo shirts,custom shirts and are great to help your group feel more connected. It makes it easier for adults to keep track of the kids when they are out on trips.T-Shirt Fundraisers: Turn your design into shirts for your local church, school or other group in need. The shirts are very affordable, and you can bump up the price just a few dollars to make a little extra for your special charity. Keep a few on hand to sell after work or school so everyone in your organization can get involved in the fundraiser and feel connected through the shirts.

Services We offer:
- Custom Rhinestone Tranfers 
- Water Based Printing 
- Silk-Screening- Embroidery
- Direct - to - Garment Printing
- Private Labeling 
- Environmentally Friendly Inks 
- Creative Art Services / Graphic Design
- Foil Printing 
​- Flocking